Wednesday, 25 July 2012

This month's details...

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Now that I am a little more than half-way through paying my loan back, it gets harder to remember who I paid and how much. I decided to make it less confusing for myself, keep it as much up-to-date as possible, and also make backup notes in a notebook at home. So, besides the main ticker with the overall amount in %, I have created 2 addition tickers, one for each of the people I owe.

Unfortunately, I also had an emergency at home after we changed an old cold water meter, one of the pipes next to it decided to start leaking. Cold water meter, plus fixing the leak set me back a bit. I didn't have the money on me to pay the plumber, so I borrowed - yeeeey! Gotta give that back this month too.

Counting down to my payday this month, as it seems there might be a little more cash coming in because of our transfer. I'm happy that I can just use it to jump-start a little, as the usual pace was getting somewhat boring. I'm also sad for my boyfriend's car breaking down, I wish I could support him in any way. My support this month is paying him back as much as I can. He will either need to fix it or sell it. I wish he would just sell it, at least the problem would be gone. It's up to him though.

Adding my separate tickers up, they will be on the right side, straight under the overall amount ticker. Please keep you fingers crossed for me.

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