Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Exploring new waters

This is it, I know I will come back to this later, just for the sake of memories, or remembering old ideas, learning not to make the same mistakes, or build/expand on current ideas. I like writing, sometimes the words just flow through me, and I like having this outlet, it really helps. Although I can't pinpoint yet in what way exactly, I really feel that this is something good. Babbling? No, it's just me searching for the sense in writing all this.

There was little to no response to the item I posted on a local site. I had a price tag attached to the item, and it was only one item out there on one national site. The statistics showed that people viewed the item, but there was no response.
OK, so now, how do I turn this around? - I thought.

First, I decided that I don't really want to sell these things, I'd like my crap  belongings to find a new home, a new shelf, someone who will need, or at least appreciate having them.
So, I put them up again as things I'd like to give away for free, with a note that I'd just like a small donation. Really, nothing huge, and not necessarily the real worth of the product. Only something symbolic.
I think it's a win-win. I will get a small donation, minimize the number of items at home, and someone who really, really wants this thing will get a bargain.
I wonder if this has worked for anybody? I have no idea, I have not asked around, and I certainly did not see anything like this before. I will see how it works out for me.


    -- Debt-freedom update --

    Overall: 55.1%
    with one person ahead at 74.5%
    and the other 22.6%

    Yeeeeey! A round of applause for meeee!

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