Thursday, 19 July 2012

Actually selling...

After procrastinating for... forever, I decided to put at least one item up for sale/auction. Yes, I'm using the mantra here that.... if you feel overwhelmed, take this one small step, and you will see the ball roll from there...
My first item up after deciding to get
 rid of all those piles of things .
So, I'm going to watch the progress now with this one item, possibly start putting up more items through the week. The cool thing is that I have most of the pictures taken, all I really need to do is schedule computer time at home, and tingle those writing skills to make my items look/feel desirable, and also choose the best platforms to sell off my crap.


So, who knows what will come of this, will I end up selling my stuff (and thus helping to pay my car loan), or giving them away to friends/family (creating a more meaningful living space). Either way it seems it's a win! My first item up, picked randomly (to start the ball rolling), is an armband for a mobile, which can be used while running, nordic walking, cycling - you name it! I had another  two of these (currently being used by family members). It also has the logo of a very popular mobile sports app - endomondo :) Very practical thing. Fingers crossed.

start where you are. 
use what you have. 
do what you can.

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