Sunday, 24 April 2011

Gratitude A - Z: T

Transport - Thank you for all the means of transport that are available to me, our car, the public transportation, aeroplanes, ships and ferries, and all that I have ever been able to experience thanks to it. I go to work by tram or bus, after work we travel by car or bus, it depends.... maybe the roads aren't always the best, but I really want to send out my thank you to transport!

Trust - Thank you for the ability to trust and be trustworthy! I like people whom I can trust, and I am blessed that I have these kind of wonderful individuals around me. Thank you for being there.

Television - Thank you for the world that is out there, all the fun and educational channels, and all the great movies I get to see on TV. There are far too many commercials I must say, but all is good. TV is something good for a few hours, but not all day of course. Thank you for the age of colour, LCD, internet, and any other kind of television out there.

Telephone - another important device to thank for. It usually is glued to my hand, and I'm texting and calling people all day :) so much fun! and before that, back in the pre-internet ages it was 'just' a stationary home phone, and long distance (South Africa - Poland) calls timed by stop-watch because they were so expensive. I'm grateful to see it evolve, and become so much fun, and so much part of my life :) Thank you!

Target - I'm glad to be able to set goals, and getting myself to set targets. Thank you for the right mind-set, a good, positive attitude that gets me there :)

Thank you!


  1. If we didn't have targets, we'd probably get nothing done.

    My target was catching up on all post by those I'm following, and I have just accomplished it - yeah for me!

  2. True--we need those targets, but the one I tuned into most was the trust; so important in life with individuals all around us. I wish I had a lot of faith and trust in people but I don't...sigh!
    good post...

  3. You make some very good points with these Bz. Things we so easily take for granted. Great post.

  4. Yup, you got all the good ones again.