Thursday, 14 April 2011

Gratitude A - Z: L

Laughter - Thank heavens for laughter - I love to hear it, I love to laugh sincerely with all my heart - like a 2 year old! It brings so much positivity into my day!

Lightning - I really enjoy watching lightning during a thunderstorm. I used to be scared of storms, but during my stay in South Africa I've seen so many huge , loud and yet beautiful thunderstorms - nature is wonderful, breath-taking, spectacular! Thank you!

Love - is the greatest power of all. I hope to explore all the types of love throughout my life :) the simple everyday loves, family love, partner love, but most of all - I am keen on experiencing love for a child.

Legs - thank you to those pins that take me around my world, shops, work, schools, transporting me from one wonderful experience to another! I wish I could hug them - actually I do!

Lottery wins - like any other person I dream about the jackpot, but I wish to stop and think about the small sums I have already won! I'm now going back to being grateful for the tiny joys that those numbers gave me, no matter how small!

Thank you!



  1. A belly full of laughs to you.

  2. Love is cool. And you have pins for legs?

  3. Thank you Shelly :)

    Alex - I used the term pins because it's slang for legs :P (UK)

  4. Love the pics - and laughter, always.

  5. great words for the L post. wish i could win the lottery as well (in fact i posted about that on my blog today. )

  6. What an inspiring bunch of smiles. Very cool.