Friday, 15 April 2011

Gratitude A - Z: M

May - a lovely month, I enjoy it so much! This year I have a whole week off in May! I love how nature is turning out to be after April. It's just so beautiful everywhere :)

Music - helps so much with my mood, helps to kick off after work :) partners me when I go for a walk. I like 80s - 90s hits, and a lot of the new stuff too! Thank you for music!

Memories - all these memories that I have, help me make better choices for the future. I embrace my past, my experiences, my youth, but I try not to let my past define my future! Thank you, who would I be without memories....

Mother - Thank you to my dear Mom, who was there for me even if I refused to see it, who taught me, and continues to teach me so much about life! I love you, Mom!!

Mind - I'm grateful for my mind, it is what it is :) I could list all the things it's not, but here I wish to thank for all the positive things - for it's creativity, goal-setting, openness and all the common sense within it!

Thank you!



  1. Each time I stop by your blog, I list the things I'm grateful for in my mind, and I feel better. Thankyou!

    L is for Lies: Flash Fiction

  2. Thank you, I'm glad that what I do for myself helps.... or spreads :) good thoughts should spread!! :)

  3. Yup - gotta agree with all of those.

    This made me think of my mom, who gave birth to me in May, who loved music, and who now I can only treasure in the memories I keep in my heart and in my mind.

    Cherish every day you have yours here.

  4. Another wonderful post. I've shared on FaceBook - so much fun looking to see what you'll come up with for the next post.

  5. I'm always grateful for muisc - it inspires me to write.

  6. Memories... This one is esp. beautiful to me

  7. Memories, the bad and the good. They teach us so much!

  8. Some great words. Mother is a good one for sure.

  9. Hi Barbara .. I love your 'M's .. May is such a beautiful month .. but April seems to be going that way too - everything is so early. Mothers - so special and bring back so many Memories .. my Mind is being trawled as my Mother lives on .. past times - not all good .. but experiences of life .. Music too - always there.

    Great post - thanks - Hilary