Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Gratitude A - Z: K

Knowledge - although I know it's never complete, I am thankful for the bit of knowledge that I acquired at school, and throughout life, and I know that there is still so much to learn. I can't wait to learn whatever I set my mind to or whatever comes my way! It's impossible to capture it all, but all that I need, will be stored, won't it....?

Kaleidoscope - of thoughts, ideas, dreams, hopes, opportunity, galaxies, and me in the middle of it all.. this little device is a dream in itself. Thank you!

Kiss - oh, I love kisses, ones blown into the air, and the ones shared during those wonderful intimate moments! Those precious times will be treasured forever! I am grateful that I, in fact, had and continue to have those moments. It's truly a great way to express my love, and how enjoyable ;)

Thank you!



  1. Man, I just barely got my "J" entry put on my blog. Shoot! You're fast. Now I've gotta start thinking about "K". This is getting tough (I just started too, now that I'm back from Hawaii. How do you do it?)

    I like all your "K" words. Especially kisses--big, ol' sloppy kid kisses are the best. Okay, my husband's are pretty awesome too :)

    Consider yourself stalked. You are officially placed in the BEST DARN BLOGS EVER file and so I'll be back :)


  2. Oh I knew I'd find kisses in here :) Love the "Knowledge" one too!

  3. 2 things I would never want to live without, knowledge & kisses! I love your post, thanks! :)

  4. You make me smile. Your gratitude blog os precious.

  5. love the Knowledge...great choices