Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Gratitude A - Z: J

Jacuzzi - I don't own one at home (yet), but I enjoy myself to bits at a local swimming pool, and OMG, I love it! :) Thank you that things like that exist, and on top of that, it also helps me tune in with the inner me - especially when I close my eyes and imagine I'm there all alone.... one day :)

Jigsaws - about 10-15 years ago I was an avid puzzler, I had my favourites, which I would redo about 100 times or more until the pieces were all worn out! ahhh, Thank you for those lovely memories - I consider those times the best ever!

Job - I'm happy that I have a job at the moment, it's a 9-5, I have learned a lot already. I don't know if I will be here in 5 years time, but I know that I already made friends, and enriched my life with great experiences :) and I now know what to expect of myself in the future!

July - my favourite Summer month here! Thank you - I love the warmth, the Sun, the water, and the sweat - I've been waiting for it since November :) It's never too hot for me, come on - I grew up in South Africa :)

Thank you!



  1. I was born in July - so I like that month too. :-) It reminds me of meet ups and friends. Jigsaws - I'm not so good on.

  2. Smiles to you. Haven't put a puzzle together in twenty years.

  3. *giggle*
    Just stopping by as a fellow A to Z Challenge taker!

  4. Oh what I would give for a jacuzzi right about now. It would feel so good. Great post. Waiting for warmer weather here too.