Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gratitude A - Z: E

English - I am thankful that I had the chance to start learning this language at a very early age, and I now consider it easier than my own language. I enjoy it, and I'm grateful that it's no longer a challenge for me.

Education - I remember all the schools that I went to, I am aware of all that I took out of those schools (not just chalk, really), and also, most important of all, I sure that I'm not finished, there is still so much to learn!

Emotions: - Thank you for all the emotions that I am able to show, and attribute them to certain situations, they help me remember the past and visualise the future.

Earth - our home, so beautiful, so many species, so much history. Thank you for Planet Earth! I', so happy to be a part of it, even if it is just for a moment in it's awesome history!

Eyes - Thank you for all the beauty that I can witness, I can see colours, my loved ones, generally everything.

Thank you!



  1. I agree, there is so much to learn that educating oneself on something never stops.

    Thinking about Earth always reminds me that we are just a tiny space in a much larger universe, which is something that I believe is often taken for granted. I don't think about the earth often but am glad when I do because it serves as a reality check and also makes me want to explore other parts of the world.

    Sometimes I wonder if college was really worth it after all though, since we have libraries and historians and can hire tutors, which would help to eliminate the whole student loan headache.

    I read a quote the other day that said "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" and I agree with it wholeheartedly but a part of me feel like....if I know so much and am so "educated", then why am I still financially broke?

    I haven't received much of any of that "interest" that knowledge a.k.a. education is said to pay, lol.

    You know that saying "It's a small world"? Well, when this saying is put into perspective regarding the Earth, I think that yeah....It's a really, really small world that we live in.

    What a thought provoking post :)

    The Madlab Post

  2. Such a great idea for the A-Z challenge.
    Sometimes we need to sit and reflect on all the wonderful things in our lives and be grateful for the many opportunities, people and gifts that are around us.
    You have done this beautifully.

    I look forward to reading your future posts.


  3. Nice to meet you too. I like this post of gratitude. Enjoy all the words!

  4. What was your first language? I love my eyes. I would sad to lose the gift of sight. It's nice to be following your blogs.

  5. I LOVE the gratitude idea of A to Z. Sometimes we do need to sit and reflect of the wonderful gifts in our lives. Thanks for sharing! I'll be back!

  6. I love that this post is so gracious and positive. Gratitude looks good on you.

  7. Beautiful thoughts and word choices.


  8. I'm glad to meet you through Wendy's blog. Yes, we often forget the numerous blessings we have. I make a point to review the blessings of the day when my head first hits the pillow. It makes sleep come easier.

    And education may not pay financially for everyone, but the dividends are daily in the increased perspective and greater depth of understanding of the world around and within us.

    I used the Lakota entity, The Turquoise Woman, in my two prior A to Z posts. She is the mind of the Earth, given life by the electro-magnetic field of our planet. She talks of her "global" and "stellar" perspective as compared to ours.


    See what your unique and insightful post did? LOL. Have a great day, Roland

  9. @Nicole - I'm glad you opened so much here - Thank you!

    @Holly - Thank you, I hope you like them :) It was my aim, to sit down and think about it all, I didn't and still don't know where it will take me, but I'm happier and calmer already! Thank you for visiting

    @Mary - Thank you for stopping by! It's a pleasure to have you here!

    @Clarissa - I was born in Poland, and Polish is my first language, and I started learning English first at 6 (that's what I remember) when we moved to South Africa...
    Thank you for your comment :)

    @Rae - I'm glad you liked it! Thank you

    @Angela - *blush* oh my, Thank you so much ;)

    @Mary - Thank you for your comment :) I really appreciate it!

    @Roland - Thank you for contributing, I like the conversation here :) It's really lovely of you to take your time and visit little ol' me over here :) Thank you so much!

  10. Just lovely. Nice to have found you thru the a-z challenge.

  11. Great post. I'm a great believer in lifelong learning. As writers we must keep on learning. I was thrilled today when someone said they were using some parts of my latest travel post in their book. Great!

    Thanks for visiting Eire with me!


    L'Aussie Travel A - Z Challenge Posts E for Eire, F for ?

  12. Fellow A to Z'er stopping by to say hello. Great E words. Especially love Earth - without it, we'd be floating in space!