Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Gratitude A - Z: D

Daffodils - lovely flowers, they are one of my many favourites :) Thank you for just being there for me - and the whole world - to admire!

Decade in Poland - My family moved to Poland from South Africa in 2001, it is now 10 years in April. Thank you for everything that I have experienced during that time, each and every good and bad memory, schools, friends, opportunities, dreams, and most important of all - my Love. I am grateful beyond words that we are together for so long already. Who knows what's in store for us in the future, it is the here and now that counts - every cell in my body sings Thank you!

Desire to change - there are times when everyone needs to acknowledge that there is somethings that needs to be done, and the comfort zone is no longer safe. Thank you for opening my eyes to some things.

Diversity - The world is so diverse, so happy, different, unique, wonderful and full of miracles happening each and every second of the day! Thank you that there is so much more to explore and to learn about our magnificent world!

Thank you!

Photo by Gosia


  1. Desire to change, changes and dsiversity are all the things I am most definately thankful for! In fact, I'm pretty much sure I did thankful posts on diversity and changes too :)

  2. @Julia - wow, really?! it's proven great minds... I'll have to find your posts and explore these words more, I know I will learn something strong from You :) Thank you

  3. I'm really enjoying your gratitude A to Z. Reminds me to be thankful for all the good stuff. :)

  4. I love daffodils. I have them as wallpaper on my twitter page.

  5. diversity is a great one! something I am grateful for (I'd never be able to squeeze into a mold)

    stopping in from the A to Z

  6. Bz: Now you could have included Wordsworth's Ode to Daffodils and it would really have made my day. Love your Ds.


    L'Aussies Travel Blog A - Z Challenge - D is for Darfur

  7. Excellent D list. I like Daffodils too.


  8. A desire to change pretty much defines my whole 2011 year, or at least that is what I told myself between December 31, 2010/New Year's Eve and January 1, 2011/New Year's Day.

    Since, then I've spent the majority of my savings that was accumulated to make a big purchase that I'm not going to have to save again I've dropped the ball on this in the first quarter and am trying to pick it back up for the second quarter on out.

    Diversity is the spice of life, I think. It makes the world a lot less boring.

    Great post!

    The Madlab Post

  9. Great post on is so much of a sweeter post than mine! Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment :)

  10. @Katen - Thank you, I'm happy that these posts helped you in one way or another :)

    @Rasolind - so do I, I love my sister's photos of them. I only grew to love them recently :)

    @Baygirl - I agree with you! Diversity is great!

    @Denise - Of course, I should've, maybe I didn't think of that, because I already did a post about them on my ESZ Blog: it's right here for you--->

    @Donna - We have a flower in common :) yeeeey!

    @Nicole - Thank you for your lovely comment :) Good Luck!

    @Damyan - You've made me smile, Thank you so much, I feel *hugged*!