Thursday, 28 April 2011

Gratitude A - Z: V

Vanilla - Thank you for this wonderful smell, I love vanilla candles, vanilla ice-cream.... mmmm yummy :) I'm so happy that this smell is present out there for me :)

Veins - Thank you for all the blood rushing through my veins, keeping me alive, working hard for my body to function. I wouldn't be here otherwise.

Vet - Thank you to the vet that I visit with my dog, and before that with my cat and the little family he created. I'm really grateful that I know him, and so far nothing happened to make me change my mind. There is a team there, and I love both the guys who work there, for their knowledge and expertise. Thank you for being there!

Vocabulary- Thank you for all the words I have managed to adopt so far, and all the words out there waiting for me :) It's so much fun learning, and then using that knowledge :)

Thank you!