Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Gratitude A - Z: P

Pleasures of life - Thank you for all the wonderful things happening, any kind of pleasure, at home, or after work, just chilling, or just reading a book :) anything, no matter how small is worth being thankful for.

Personality - Thank you for the person I turned out to be, I'm aware of who I am in most aspects, there are things to work on (I know), but I like who I am :) It's just me... :D

Photography - I love looking at great pictures taken by people, mostly nature, or photos taken from unexpected angles. I try to play around a bit myself, just for me... but I like to be left in awe of the wonderful work that people out there do for the rest to enjoy, people who are passionate, and it shows in their pictures.... :) I love being able to see that! Thank you.

People - Thank you for all the people that were, are, and will be in my life. Note everyone made it - but each and every person has left a mark, I appreciate it, and I'm thankful for everything that I ever learned, even if it was a short encounter. Thank you!

Positivity - Thank you for the bursts of positivity I get, I love using that time to do as much as I can! I love when it lasts for a while. I enjoy being positive, and I miss it when I'm not... Thank you for every time that I was, it's always precious!

Thank you!



  1. I really enjoyed this one! Nice job.

  2. I did some photography today for a spontaneous project that I wanted to make. It was a lot more work and took much more time than I thought but a lot of the photos came out well.


    I want to let you know that I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award today.

    You can pick it up on my blog post titled "Pay It Forward"

    The Madlab Post

  3. Thank you, I will mention it as soon as it is possible for me.
    Thank you for your comments on P