Monday, 18 April 2011

Gratitude A - Z: O

October - Thank you for that wonderful month - I was born in October, and I'm happy to be a Scorpio :) it is a beautiful month, I really do enjoy it, it doesn't even matter in which hemisphere I'm in, it's lovely nonetheless :)

Opportunity - Thank you for all these great opportunities coming my way. Sometimes I don't see them straight away, there are times when I'm sure I missed something, but it always turns out just fine.

Outdoors - Thank you for the times that I spent outside of the house where the air is fresh, warm and breezy :) I love it!

Only three this time, and a little late, I'm kind of having a hard time right now... with myself .... maybe I'll go into it later...

Thank you


  1. You're fine. We're coming into a full moon this evening if you live on the East Coat in the Americas. It's been a tough day for me b/c of me. If I could've curled up into a ball today, I would've of. It's all good.

  2. Maybe it will help to remember that we are all grateful for you?

  3. Fellow Scorpio, that says it all. We are a different kind of people! And it's a full moon. Love it.

  4. A Scorpio proud of it I am delighted...being one myself and hearing so many bad aspects about us from the mouth of others! Jealousy I think, we are kind of different.
    October is my favourite month, autumn that starts and the lovely colors of the leaves falling down.....
    Lovely day to you.

  5. Yay for opportunities! And we're almost at another coinsidence here lol I'm a November baby and even though I'm a Saggitarian I'm really close to Scorpio lol Anyways, hope thing start looking up for you!

  6. Hi I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge. :) Lovely post, giving thanks is a wonderful thing.
    I also enjoy the outdoors... especially during spring.

  7. If you're going to have an attitude make it one of gratitude. This used to be a banner in my classroom, now it waves in my brain. Blessings!

  8. Peace and Contentment be with you BZ, for it is the will of your fellow Scorpios. Yes, I'm one too.

  9. scorpios are the best!
    happy o & p days!