Friday, 8 April 2011

Gratitude A - Z: G

Gratitude - thank you for the opportunity to look around my environment and be able to acknowledge all that I have, and all that I am. I am really thank ful that I have learned this powerful exercise. It brings me a lot of joy!

Google - this is the search engine that I use the most, and I'm really thankful that such a thing exists! All the information that I ever need always comes up, I've rarely been disappointed :) Thanks Google!

Garden - thank you for the Summer-garden that we have not to far from our flat! It's a lovely way to get away from city life, yet it's still in the middle of the city :)

Gifts - whoever invented gifts deserves a..... gift! I love giving, choosing, wrapping, watching people unwrap etc... and of course I also love receiving! Thank you for everything that I was ever given! I'm forever grateful!

Goals - Thank you for the ability to draw a target that I wish to reach. It is a challenge sometimes, because I draw goals that are not within reach - but then with a bit of adjustment within me I am able to believe!

Thank you!



  1. Your posts are inspiring. I need to start expressing my gratefulness for the blessings I have in life.

  2. Lovely list and thanks to Google to make me cross your road, a real Gift!
    My Goal, be more Grateful for all the beauties of the world and the delight of a Chinese Garden when spring comes.

  3. Grateful. What a word, huh? I am so grateful for all the bloggers I have met through the A-Z challenge.

    My gardens need me in them to care for them. (I've been sick in the bed for SIX weeks.) Hopefully I'll get out today for just a little while. Maybe 15 minutes.

    Lovely post. Just lovely. :-)

  4. wooow impressive post keep it up :) stay blessed

  5. A great 'G' post. I also love Google and am there quite often!

    Nice to meet you and good luck with the challenge!

  6. I really like your theme for the Challenge!

  7. Gratitude was my G blog post. I think yours is wonderful.

    I'm on an A to Z challenge blogosphere tour!

  8. It's so great to find your blog. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

  9. I think it is so lovely that gratitude is your first G. It's wonderful to be able to look at the world and feel grateful.

  10. It's so important to show gratitude...thanks for lovely 'G' words !

  11. Visiting from the A-Z Challenge, following too. Have a great weekend :-)

  12. @damyan - glad I could inspire you!

    @Marie - Enjoy youself! Thank you for stopping by my Blog! <3

    @Robyn - I hope you get well as soon as possible - enjoy every minute outside :) and treasure that moment if you have to lie down again :)

    @Angel - Thank you

    @Alex - Thank you for stopping by while blog hopping, I'm so happy you could find a sec for me :)

    @Joyce - I'm checking yours out now! :) Thank you for sharing

    @Sylvia - Thank you, I really appreciate your words!

    @Erin - :) I know, I hope I can continue with this for as long as possible!

    @Tracy - well, I thank YOU for visiting!

    @Wanda @Martha- Thank you