Sunday, 1 May 2011

Gratitude A - Z: W

Walk - Thank you for the ability to walk, I have thanked for my legs earlier, but it's not something to take for granted, so once again... and again.... and again, I will keep on being grateful for walking :) I hope to do something more with walking soon. I'm also thankful for learning different 'ways' to walk :)

Water - Thank you for this lovely liquid that is the life of everthing! There was a time when I didn't like drinking water, there must've been something wrong with me ;) Thank you for lovely, clean, thirst-quenching water :)

Wealth - Thank you for the wealth that I have acquired within me. All my experiences, my life, memories, lessons.... and the wealth that I have visualised - I'm watching it come true now :) Thank you

Weather - Thank you for the beautiful weather!! Oh my... how I love Spring and Summer! :) Thank you for the sunlight, blue skies, light breeze, the fresh green colours.... I enjoy this so much.

Woman - I'm a woman - and thank heavens for that!! Not that there is anything wrong with being a man - but, I'm just happy that I AM a woman, I embrace that, I love it, and I would not change it! Thank you!

Thank you!


  1. Ha, I had a thankful post on being a woman with the same sentiments :)

  2. Love your description of Wealth. More people need to look at it that way instead of monitarily.