Friday, 1 April 2011

Gratitude A - Z: A

Ability to apologise - I find that I do have a difficult character, and I know that I have to watch myself sometimes, as I can hurt somebody. Apologising doesn't come easily to me, but I know that I can do it. Thank you for letting me see the beauty of it!

Air I breathe - it's everywhere, sometimes I can feel it. Thank you for being there for me, I am alive because I can breathe!

Advice - I don't often find myself in a position to give advice, I'm still young, but when I say something that may be considered advice to someone, I appreciate my life and the experience that I had that made it possible. Thank you to anyone who has given me advice, be it good or bad, each is priceless and each piece of advice leads to something good!

Atittude - It took years to develop, and I know there is always room for improvement. I'm aiming towards a more happy-go-lucky attitude :)

Abundace - I chose it as my keyword for 2011. I had mostly financial abundance in mind, which is already coming true. I'm happy and grateful for that :)

Thank you!



  1. Nice start to the A-Z challenge!

    I believe we all need to be a little more grateful for the simple luxuries surrounding us.

    I'm also taking part in this challenge. Read my first post here:

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. What a lovely way to start this challenge. Thank you for being so lovely as to visit my travel blog and read about Australia.


  3. Wonderful post. Don't sweat the age/advice. Advice is just learning and I find we learn most if we open ourselves to all ages.
    Happy thought!


  4. Great start to the challenge. I like what you said about there being beauty in apologizing. Sometimes we need to humble ourselves and admit we're wrong, and I agree, there is beauty in that.

  5. Clever use of lots of A's

    I came, I saw and I enjoyed !


  6. Thank you, it's great what this did to me - just thinking about all that I'm thankful for... It's so overwhelming to see You have enjoyed it! Thank you for visiting me today :)

  7. What a lovely blog to discover thru the A-Z Challenge! I too, am working toward becoming a more relaxed and positive person. An attitude of gratitude works wonders for changing the way we feel and look at things! Great idea for your theme!
    ~Josie Two Shoes~
    Two Shoes In Texas 
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