Thursday, 17 March 2011

Back 2 the BloGG

Hope you're having a great day, it's another wonderful opportunity to enjoy yourself just the way you want to! So, go for it! Happy St. Patrick's!
I've been away for a week, spending it in beautiful Ireland! I had a wonderful time, unfortunately also bought back some germs, and now I'm a bit sick. Yesterday my temperature sky-rocketed, and I felt like a bag of bricks, and my eyes were tearful. I have mixed feelings about today, I managed to get myself up and ready for work, and did my 8 hrs. Well, I guess anybody feels like that when coming down with something!
I decided that there are 2 ways to handle this... give in, lie down, sweat it out and just be sick and miserable.... or kick it in da face (Chuck Norris-style) and act as though I'm already a healthy little bird!
guess what I chose??
So, even though I was toying with the idea to call in sick tomorrow, I'm now gonna fight it! If I managed today, why would I give in tomorrow, the worst is already behind me.... soo far.

Today I came across a wonderful Blog - Amanda Hocking - it is featured in Blogger's Blogs of Note! I believe it deserves to be noted! This woman has talent! I feel inspired!

On another note, I'm still busy getting ready for the A-Z April challenge :) I have the themes, so I know what route to follow, the posts are yet to be written, I'm not sure whether I will have them scheduled or draft them a bit, and do some final edits on the day and post them. Yet to decide on that one...

Thank you's --> Thank you for the health that I enjoy, I'm strong, not so fit, but I feel OK. Today is just a little hurdle, but it won't kill me, so why put so much energy into it. a bit of cough medicine, pills, and I'll be as good as brand-new-off-the-shelf!!
Thank you for the sense of smell - today I can see how much I miss that.. :P I love the smell of roses and vanilla, and a fresh, watered garden.... ah, can't wait to smell it again!
Thank you to myself for conciously deciding to be who I am in my mind. Everything happens for a reason, even if we don't see it straight away, looking back, everything becomes very clear, that whatever's on your mind becomes your reality...

Time to make some nice 'cosmetic' changes to my blog-space, let me see where it takes me.... <3


  1. See, now that's the stuff that makes me so happy too. I stand on the beach in the sun looking up and I say "Thank You" for everything around me. The sun, the warmth, the fresh air, the water, the loved ones in my life, past and present. More of us need to do this. Great post.

  2. Thank you for your comments :) I really appreciate it

  3. Glad you have a theme! I find that really helps with the Challenge.

  4. WOW, Ireland! So lucky!

    I'm giving out awards for the A-Z challenge participants and as I browsed your blog I want to award you the Creative Blog Award.
    Go to and pick up your award.

  5. Thank you, I really appreciate it :)