Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Test Post

I decided to break away from the more public blog English Speaking Zone to something more about me. I have a lot of things on my mind, many goals that I wish to achieve, but they never seem to get done. I thought that a way to see them through is writing them out, publishing them (even though maybe nobody will read it, but still), letting them out into the world. It's a way to make sure that I focus on what I want and reaching out for it. I could fit it all into the description, but I find that the first post here is more appropriate for myself. It just feels right.
I can always come back to look at it and see what was my intention.
Goal - Attend to this blog as much as I attend to my "main" blog.  :)
Goal - Make a list of wishes for the future, or sometimes even from the perpective of a ten-year-older-than-now self. |Time Machine|
For now, the goal for today is to just play with the design of the blog. Pamper it, make sure it represents what I feel.


  1. I am a VERY big fan of goal setting. Thank you for coming by and leaving your print on my blog. I love having new people stop by for visits and I do hope you'll come back. I write about goals and such all the time. If you happen to have a chance to read any of my posts on "life lists" I would love to hear what you thiink. It's amazing the difference it makes sharing it with others. Writing it here would be fantastic! I look forward to hearing about your goals and how you set about achieving them. Good for you in advance!!

  2. hi, it's nice to meet you. thanks for coming over to hang out at my place a bit. i hope you can make this blog exactly the way you want it to be. i need to check out your other one too, but maybe when it's less the middle of the night.